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Things to do in Negril


It should come as no surprise that the number one thing on every list of things to do in Negril, is to kick back in a beach chair with a cold drink in hand on the Seven Mile Beach, sun umbrella optional. The inviting white sands of the Seven Mile Beach make up one half of Negril's incredible coastline, stretching as far as the eye can see. All along the beach, local vendors ply their trade, offering scuba excursions, parasailing, and glass bottom boat rides among other activities. Others are selling local fruits and trinkets or offering to braid your hair, but if you're not interested, a polite 'no thanks' will send them on their way.


For visitors interested in spending the day on a quieter, more secluded beach, the small island of Booby Cay is an easy boat ride across the bay. While it's possible to kayak across, most guests arrive by one of Negril's signature glass bottom fishing boats. There are plenty of options so chat with a few boat captains before committing to any one. Once there, explore the island, sunbathe or snorkel, while local vendors prepare fresh grilled lobster over an open barbecue pit.


On the West End, Negril's coastline transitions into jagged black cliffs that stand in striking contrast to the turquoise blue waters below. Cliff jumping - or sipping on cocktails while spectating - is one of the most popular things to do in Negril. Visitors from neighbouring resort towns come to Rick's Cafe by the busload to watch locals dive from as high as 70ft up and sometimes, to give it a try themselves. It can feel a bit commercial, but it's worth the visit, especially for first time visitors. Of course, you don't have to be a daredevil to enjoy the famed cliffs of Negril. Reserve a table at any one of the incredible cliff-side Negril restaurants and enjoy a stunning sunset from a different perspective.

If you prefer to experience the cliffs during the day, there are several local boat tours available to take you along the coastline for cave swimming and snorkelling. There are several highly recommended dive sites, including the reefs at Negril's Marine Park, with guides provided by Sun Divers Negril and Dream Team Divers, among others.


Visitors looking for a causal game of golf while on vacation in Negril will find the nearby Negril Hills Golf Club an adequate 18-hole par 72 course. Set amidst rolling hills, with beautiful vistas and challenging water hazards, its proximity to Beach House Villas makes it the most convenient option, but serious golfers may find the equipment and greens subpar. As an alternative, there are three world-class courses just 1.5hrs away at Montego Bay.


With seven waterfalls coursing through tropical gardens, YS Falls is a nature lover's paradise, and a place the whole family can enjoy. Enjoy swimming in the natural pools or take a flight through the jungle canopy 40ft above the falls. Hiking through the park is both relaxing and invigorating; Jamaica's lush interior is truly stunning. As there are portions of rocky terrain, though, it is recommended that you bring along water shoes.


Just 25 minutes southeast of Negril is one of Jamaica's most popular natural attractions: the Blue Hole Mineral Springs. Swim in pure, naturally filtered spring water, touted to have healing properties from the natural occurring minerals or visit some of the other falls, parks and reserves in the area, including Negril Watershed Protection Area, Discovery Falls, and the Royal Palm Reserve.